Top Cheapest 12 Month Electricity Plans in Houston

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Shop the cheapest 12-month electricity plans from the top Houston light companies.
We’re featuring some of the cheapest 12-month electricity plans from the top Houston light companies.

Which Highly Rated Companies Have the Cheapest 12 Month Electricity Plans?

A twelve month term is one of the most common fixed rate electricity plans. Customers secure price stability for one year; their rate never changes. As a result, the retail providers have a committed customer for the same time. It’s a win-win situation. 

Texas Electricity Ratings showcases dozens of 12-month electricity plans from highly rated providers. To make shopping easier, we’re featuring some of the cheapest 12-month plans offered by the top Houston light companies. 

An Array of Plans From a 5-Star Electricity Retailer

Sometimes people associate terrible customer service with large corporations. That’s not true for Constellation. In fact, this large energy conglomerate maintains a 5-star rating from Texas electricity customers. Fortunately, this light company offers several Houston electricity plans with some of the lowest rates available: 

Plan Average Price at 1,000 kWh
12 Month w/ Bill Credit 8.4 cents
12Mo Usage Bill Credit + A/C Protection for 1 Unit and HVAC Monitoring 10.6 cents
12Mo Usage Bill Credit + A/C Protection for 2 Units and HVAC Monitoring 10.6 cents
12 Month (No Minimum Usage Fee) 10.9 cents

Solar Energy From a Great Company

Chariot Energy also earns a 5-star rating. They have one 12-month electricity plan with a highly competitive price. Their Solarize 12 plan has an average rate of 10.9 cents per kWh at 1,000 kWh per billing cycle. This plan is great for eco-conscious customers seeking renewable energy because it uses 100% solar power. 

Ultra Cheap Power from Gexa Energy

Gexa Energy maintains a very respectable 4-star rating and puts forward the cheapest 12-month electricity plans. The Gexa Saver Deluxe 12 plan provides a $100 bill credit for customers using between 1,000 and 2,000 kWh in a billing cycle. At 1,000 kWh, the average price for this plan is 6.3 cents per kWh. Not surprisingly, this  pricing makes it best suited to customers whose usage consistently falls in this window.  If this plan fits your usage, you can really save money on electricity.

Additionally, Gexa Energy has many plan options featuring 100% green energy. Their customer satisfaction program allows customers to switch to a different Gexa Energy electricity plan within the first 60 days of service without penalty. So if you don’t like your chosen Gexa Energy plan, they let you pick another! 

Switch Electricity Plans to Save 

Before your retail electricity plan’s contract expires, your Texas electricity company notifies you by mail that your agreement is ending. Their mailing will outline your options. It will also explain what you need to do to pick a new plan or if you can renew your current plan. If you do nothing, your retail provider can put into its variable rate plan. In many cases, that can be very expensive, especially during the late summer.

Above all, don’t let this happen to you! When that notification letter arrives, don’t throw it out. Instead, start shopping on for a new plan at a better rate. Plus, it’s easy to switch electricity plans through Texas Electricity Ratings. This way, you can make sure you have the cheapest 12 month electricity for your home. 

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